X User ATTACKED After Calling Others “MIDDLE CLASS” For Not Buying New iPhone 15 Pro 

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Middle Class
Image screen shotted from Apple's official website.

The new iPhones have been subjected to several criticisms. However, it seems that an X user is facing backlash after calling those not buying the new iPhone 15 Pro as “middle class.” Naturally, most users do not find this comforting and are vehemently angry at the statement. 

X user attacked for calling others Middle Class 

In addition to this, some users respond to the X user stating that they are in fact middle class for posting such things. Furthermore, others state that those with actual money would never show off their latest iPhones as it is regarded as a utilitarian product, and not a new fancy handbag or diamond necklace. 

Others claim that they do not want to merely replace their iPhones frequently as their phones are working well after all these years. Many agree to this statement as the last few phones made by Apple were meant to last longer than a year.

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Middle Class
Image screen shotted from Apple’s official website.

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