X Users Now Having Bold ACCUSATIONS Towards Hero Remaja Auditioner 

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Image screen shotted from X user @adliehassan

It appears another accusation has amassed on X, where users are accusing a new Hero Remaja contestant for making inappropriate videos. However, there seems to some who are defending him, but regardless, there were significantly more who were vehemently upset at his behavior.  

Bold accusations towards Hero Remaja auditioner

Users accused the Hero Remaja auditioner of having an Only Fans account, to which he said it was false. The influencer then states that he is headed to Indonesia as Malaysians aren’t as accepting of him. Unfortunately, this riled up netizens even more and they are asking him to do so. 

Furthermore, users state that previous winners had to retract their title after being exposed for their missteps. They claim that auditioners and contestants who try to join the program should not have pictures of them that can be deemed inappropriate. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @adliehassan

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