New: Kids REFUSE to Pay for CENDOL Chased by Bikers

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Photo from screenshot : Telegram Asal Gombak

We have seen it all in Kuala Lumpur on the roads. Road bullies, an African man sitting on the bonnet of a car, cars and bikes beating traffic lights and accidents… This one is about some kids who drove off after having some cendol without paying. The result is a few people riding motorbikes are chasing them across the streets in Sentul where the car even hits some cars along the way.

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Usually, Malaysians will be discussing the best cendol in town, is it in PJ or Gombak or Cheras…and what about Ampang? This one now is about Sentul and it is an ugly scene. However, the driver got caught in the end and the bikers’ actions paid off. Was it really for not paying for the icy-milky bowl? Watch the video lah.

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Alphard, cendol
Alphard Uses Motorcycle Lane: Police Tracking It Down


cars in the city, MyCinta, proton X90, cendol
Photo by Shakel Sam on Pexels.com

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