Liverpool MP Now Calls for Uefa President’s Resignation Over Safety Concerns

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Liverpool, Newcastle thrash Paris, dominant win

Liverpool MP Ian Byrne has called on the Football Association (FA) to request the resignation of Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin and the removal of Zeljko Pavlica, Uefa’s head of safety and security. 

Liverpool MP calls for Uefa President’s resignation 

Concerns about cronyism and safety issues arose following the 2022 Champions League final. A review panel appointed by Uefa made 21 recommendations for improvement in light of the near-disaster. 

Byrne accused Uefa of seriously endangering supporters due to the “cronyism” of Pavlica’s appointment and called on the FA to eradicate such practices. Byrne highlighted that Pavlica is Ceferin’s close friend. The FA has sought assurances regarding safety improvements. Uefa has not responded to Byrne’s letter.

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