Netizens Now DEFENDING Amir RAJA LAWAK Against OTHER STALL Owners 

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Image screen shotted from Instagram page @amirrajalawak

Recently, Amir from Raja Lawak opened a stall selling Corn juice in Kamunting. However, a stall owner contacted him stating that he is the cause that they are not making any income for the day. They claim to make around RM30-40 a day when he’s not there.

Amir Raja Lawak defended by netizens 

Netizens feel that these stall owners are trying to hurt his reputation by slandering him. Furthermore, users state that these other stalls should start improving on the quality or recipe of their beverages. Netizens state that accusing another individual of making better sales than them is unfair. 

Regardless, having a famous icon selling something next to your stall would be a slight issue. However, netizens state that if they chose to work together with him, it would be an entirely different story. 

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Image screen shotted from Instagram page @amirrajalawak

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