See How Angry Little Birds Peck on a SNAKE!

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Angry Little Birds, snake
Angry Little Birds attacks snake - Photo: YouTube screengrab

Maybe these birds watched some videos to learn how to defend themselves in a group. Just kidding. But it is indeed rare footage showing little birds ganging up to peck on a SNAKE! The video here says they are angry birds who ganged up to attack the snake.

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Angry Little Birds

Watch the video in full. It looks like they are trying to snack on it or is it just birds protecting their area? There are stories of birds in flocks attacking predators in order to be able to fly freely. Some tiny birds are also seen, at times, attacking crows or even eagles to defend their territory. Kudos birdies.

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Photo of a bird in nature – its songs influence plant growth – Photo Pexels
Angry Little Birds
Angry Little Birds attacks snake – Photo: YouTube screengrab

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