Facebook Users Now DISCONTENT With Madani? Inflation Hitting Malaysia HARD 

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Apparently, among some Facebook users, they are openly admitting that they are discontent with the Madani government. They blame the inflation and rising cost of living solely on this new government. However, little do they know, this is a worldwide phenomenon as most countries are still suffering from the effects of the pandemic. 

Facebook users discontent with the Madani government? 


It appears that these Facebook users could possibly be opposition supporters. They claim that Madani means Mahal Dah Ni. However, it is a sharp contrast to those on X, as they are more vocal about supporting our coalition government. 


Regardless, these individuals are thinking what they want to think. The government has made massive improvements to the current economic downturn the world is facing. Fortunately, it is still relatively stable in Malaysia, whereas in the UK, there are people who literally can’t afford heating

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Madani, pn slammed, abang Johari, gps

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