Another Cat Painted in White this Time. Will it Survive Now?

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cat painted
Photo of cat in white paint taken from Twitter

Photos of another cat with its entire body covered in white paint are believed to be the treachery of an irresponsible party was shared on the X platform. Last week we posted a story of a cat painted in blue and how tough it is for the animal to survive with the sticky paint on its fur.

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Cat Painted

Through the sharing of the photos by a user named Izzat (and videos), we can see how weak the cat is. “Anyone who doesn’t like animals, don’t be cruel. Throw him somewhere else or something, but don’t mistreat him like this. Pity,” the message read. The public showed their anger but these monsters who like to abuse animals live among us. For sure.

Kitten painted
Photo of Kitten painted in blue from a YouTube screengrab

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