Netizens Now ANGRY At UIA Students for Alleged CAT ABUSE 

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Image screen shotted from X user @twttaca

Recently, there were a number of viral stories related to the abuse of cats in Malaysia. It is unclear why this is happening, but animal abuse is never okay. A photo of a cat in UIA being painted in purple went viral all over X. Netizens state that these animals needed to have a controlled population, but students on the campus said that it’s against their religion. 

UIA students allegedly abuse cats? 

Netizens agree with the idea of controlling the cat population in certain areas like in this UIA campus. This is due to the fact that they have multiple children that will be sidelined and thrown away. Unfortunately, this is also how these animals are easily abused by members of society. Neutering them is one of the more effective ways for avoiding this to happen. 

Others speculate that the abuse towards these animals are on the rise as it could possibly be something trending on social media. They speculate that some of these twisted individuals think that it’s funny to harm a helpless creature. Regardless, it is never okay to engage in animal abuse. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @twttaca

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