Four Kids Set a Neighborhood Playground on FIRE, X Users Now Asking Parents to be RESPONSIBLE 

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Student Playground
Photo by Cullan Smith on Unsplash

There have always been children causing messes in neighborhoods. However, a recent incident came to attention after four kids set a playground on fire. X users are vehemently upset at the situation. They are calling for parents to be more responsible towards their own offspring. 

Kids setting neighborhood playground on fire

X users state that the parents of these kids should compensate for the cost in repairing said playground. Others state that they are disappointed in seeing these kids being juveniles at such a young age. Some wondered why they do such a thing, as it will affect the entire neighborhood. 

Netizens also suggest that these kids should be punished by local authorities. They should also be told to engage in community service in order to repay for their juvenile act. This is only for them to be model citizens in the future. 

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Student Playground
Photo by Cullan Smith on Unsplash

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