NEW: Locals Preferred Imported Rice Before India’s Rice Export Ban

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White rice in a bowl - Photo Unplash

In the video below, watch it please, we are being told that before the Indian ban on the export of its rice Malaysians were very happy buying ‘imported rice’. The price difference between the imported rice and the local white rice was RM6 for 10 KG. If local rice was RM26 for 10 KG, imported ones were roughly RM30 or RM32 for 10 KG. That does not explain the maki-maki online about the lack of ‘local rice’ in shops, right? Continue reading:

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Imported Rice

In the video, we are also told that the current panic on the market is due to many factors. One of the main factors is that local white rice was not in demand and not enough stocks were kept in retail outlets. The sudden stop of Indian rice imports caused an increase in imported rice prices by Rm8 or more. The blame fell on the Madani Government.

white rice in bowl Kelantan, Akmal Saleh, imported rice
Photo by Pille R. Priske on Unsplash

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