Pregnant Wife Now Claims To “CRAVE” Holding A Navy Man’s Waist   

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pregnant woman wearing gold ring and pink dress navy
Photo by Juan Encalada on Unsplash.

Typically, a man would do most of the things his wife desires when she is pregnant. However, to many, there are limits when it comes to a certain craving. A unique case is when a man’s wife, who is pregnant, claims to crave holding a navy man’s waist. Netizens are in an uproar after finding out about it. 

Navy man’s waist making pregnant women go crazy? 

A netizen asked the question to their followers when it comes to this pregnant woman’s craving. However, most responded that a husband should not allow his wife to touch another man as a craving. It is rather inappropriate, especially when bearing her husband’s child. 

Others state that being “gatal” is not a reason or a craving. Others state that pregnancy cravings are typically involved in food or smell. Touching another man’s body is not something that should be tolerable.

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woman wearing gold ring and pink dress navy pregnant
Photo by Juan Encalada on Unsplash.

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