Bangladeshi Worker Now Stating THEIR CHILDREN Will Be Malaysia’s NEXT Politicians

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Image of the Malaysian Parliament, photo taken from Wikipedia.

It is evident that for most parts of the world, locals are not too keen or friendly to foreign workers. This is due to the cultural differences for most cases. However, a Bangladeshi worker states that their descendants will soon enter Malaysian politics despite them being looked down upon now. 

Bangladeshi foreign workers saying their children will be Malaysia’s next politicians 

Some users state that the Bangladeshi foreigners should focus on their own country rather than ours. However, others were making derogatory remarks towards our Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, stating that he used to be in prison and now he is our leader. 

However, if a child is able to get Malaysian nationality, regardless of their father or mother’s origin, they have the full rights to run for politics. Some of the comments made are reminiscent of how the White Mississipians in America were towards Black Americans. 

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