New Bride DIVORCING HUSBAND Due to His Privates Being ONLY 3CM 

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gray and yellow measures bride
Photo by William Warby on Unsplash.

Recently, the story of a bride divorcing her husband after finding out that his private parts were only 3 cm long became the topic of conversation among netizens. The issue has been well discussed among netizens, but many seem to resort to satire when it comes to this. 

Bride divorcing husband due to small private parts 

Netizens state that future brides and grooms should have some knowledge regarding sex education. There are some men who suffer from having a micropenis. Unfortunately, those who have it may not even know that it is a condition that they have. 

Others were asking deeper questions on the male anatomy. However, some users mocked the woman asking if she had prior experience before getting married. Regardless, these questions are peculiar, as to the situation the couple currently in is.

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gray and yellow measures bride
Photo by William Warby on Unsplash.

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