“Rempits” Dancing with Their MOTORS, Netizens Now SARCASTICALLY Calling Them “ANAK SYURGA” 

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Image screen shotted from X user @MALAYSIAVIRALLL

The peculiar trend of some motorcyclists, typically called “rempits” in Malaysia dancing around their motorcycles, has gotten scrutiny. Users feel uncomfortable seeing their peculiar dances and their adaptation of TikTok dances while surrounding their loud motorcycles. 

Rempits dancing with their motors called anak syurga sarcastically 

A viral video showed these rempits dancing around and rolling around their friend’s motorcycle isn’t a sight many would love to see. Furthermore, users are sarcastically calling them “anak syurga.” This is a play on words for these individuals as netizens speculate that they are living in a state like Kelantan. 

Others criticized the children asking them if they are even ready to sit for their SPM exams. Users state that it is more important to focus on one’s education rather than the specifications of their motorcycles. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @MALAYSIAVIRALLL

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