A $3 Mil Gundam-like New Robot? It is a Real Deal!

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A giant robot picture taken from YouTube - Not the Gundam-like robot
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Tokyo-based start-up Tsubame Industries has developed ARCHAX, a 4.5m-tall robot resembling Mobile Suit Gundam from the popular Japanese animation series, available for $3 million. ARCHAX features cockpit monitors that display exterior camera images, allowing the pilot to control its arms and hands from inside.

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Weighing 3.5 tonnes, the robot has “robot mode” for upright movement and “vehicle mode” for speeds up to 10km/h. Tsubame Industries plans to produce five units initially for robot enthusiasts, with potential future applications in disaster relief or the space industry. The company’s CEO, Ryo Yoshida, aims to uphold Japan’s manufacturing excellence.


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Robot Barista Fail, Pours Coffee Onto Ground
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SST’s Mission Critical Broadband technology being displayed at Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition 2023 (LIMA 2023) recently

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