Arrested mule have account linked to RM1.9 mil fraud case now

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Woman loses RM1.9 million in Macau scam - Photo: Unsplash
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Police say it arrested a man suspected of being a mule account holder for a Macau Scam syndicate which resulted in a retired woman losing RM1.9 million recently. If the person is definitely linked to the Macau syndicate, it will be a major breakthrough for the authorities. The 31-year-old man was arrested yesterday to assist in investigations into the fraud case involving the 67-year-old victim who lost the RM1.9 mil.

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Mule arrested

“Based on preliminary investigations, the man is believed to be a Macau Scam syndicate’s mule account holder who posed as Health Ministry (KKM) staff and police personnel. The syndicate had duped the woman into believing that she had made a false statement regarding Covid-19 before she was connected to the ‘police personnel’ from the Sabah Police Headquarters,” the police statement adds.

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Photo by Zeynep Sude Emek on Pexels.com – Not this is not the mule arrested!

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