New: Crocodile snatches Malaysian in front of his friends

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Crocodile snatches Malaysian, crocodiles, python
Photo of a crocodile with mouth wide open from Unsplash

In Malaysia’s Sabah state, a harrowing incident unfolded as a crocodile attacked a 23-year-old man while his three friends watched in helplessness. The four men were engaged in crab trapping in the waters off Kampung Tinagian, Tanjung Labian, when the crocodile suddenly lunged at the victim, an oil palm plantation worker.

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Crocodile Snatches Malaysian

The attack occurred in the pre-dawn hours, and the victim’s friends could only witness the horrifying event unfold. Tragically, the victim disappeared into the water, and his body, bearing bite marks and scratches, was discovered nearly 5 kilometers away on the beach near Kampung Tanjung Batu, with authorities conducting a postmortem examination.

Tragic End, crocodile snatches Malaysian
Tragic end for lorry driver

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