Malaysians Now Identifying As TRANSFINANCIAL, B40 Trapped in a T20 Lifestyle  

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Image screen shotted from TikTok user @drbengee

Recently, the discussions regarding the transgender community has been a topic talked about world wide, including Malaysia. However there is a new trend where users claim to identify as a T20 person even though they are B40. This phenomenon is what they are calling “transfinancial.” 

Transfinancial individuals 

For obvious reasons, this is a joke. Netizens agree with the influencer who made the joke, stating that they too feel the same way. A user states that they are still looking for their Buggati, it is hard to live without their loving sports car. 

Others joked that they are in fact T20 but they choose to stick with the B40 lifestyle as it is more cost saving. Regardless, many feel this way, especially with the inflation that the world is currently going through. 

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Image screen shotted from TikTok user @drbengee

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