Minyak Turun? Anwar Answers 15-years-old Question Now

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NEW: Anticipating Possible Retail Fuel Prices Cut of 10 Sen
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PM Anwar Ibrahim asks the crowd: “Have you heard ‘Hari ini menang, esok minyak turun.” He says he made this statement in 2008. At that time there was a problem with fuel prices in Malaysia. “At that time in Saudi Arabia, one litre of fuel was 0.50 sen (RM) but Malaysia’s fuel price was RM1.50-RM1.60. That got me to ask why is our fuel prices so high, we should bring them down.”

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Minyak Turun

He says that now in 2023, the price of fuel in Saudi Arabia is higher than in Malaysia. How can we bring it down now, we already subsidised (fuel at pump). It’s about 30-40 billion in Ringgit for subsidy for fuel. “Saudi Arabia produces more, much more oil than Malaysia and now their prices are higher than ours. This is my answer,” he said during a speech.

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