No Cabinet Reshuffle Tomorrow – Anwar Quashes Rumours NOW

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Looks like PMX is very active today with many questions answers to the media. In this one he quashes rumours that there will be a cabinet reshuffle that could mean at least 4 menteris will be removed or shifted. PM Anwar Ibrahim says he is heading for Sabah then to Abu Dhabi next thus no question about Cabinet reshuffle.

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No Cabinet Reshuffle

On the other hand, rumours were flying since the end of last week that there will be a reshuffle with some Umno leaders suggesting Menteri Ekonomi should be given Sports Ministry instead in a jibe at PKR and Rafizi. But netizens, as usual, urged the Umno man to prove his mettle since Umno is losing elections and losing voters. 🙂 However, Anwar also said last week there will be one Ministerial post that will be impacted and that is the one left vacant by almarhum Salahuddin Ayub.

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