PM Anwar May Announce New CABINET RESHUFFLING, Netizens Agree 

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Madani is making the government humane says Anwar

Just today, PM Anwar is expected to reshuffle the cabinet. Netizens are agreeing to this. According to reports, the Prime Minister may announce a cabinet reshuffle tomorrow, nearly 11 months since the government’s formation in November last year. 

The announcement follows the post-cabinet meeting and may affect various key ministries, such as Home, Human Resources, Health, and Youth and Sports.

PM Anwar announces cabinet reshuffling 

Currently, netizens are arguing with each other on PM Anwar’s decision. Some state that the Minister of Health needs to change. Others state that they would prefer the Sports Ministry remains in the helm of Hannah Yeoh. 

Others state that Hannah Yeoh can contribute more in another Ministerial post as she has the potential. Some feel that her position in the Sports Ministry is not doing her justice enough. 

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Jangan Guna Ayat Al-Quran Hukum Saya – PM Anwar – Photo: Twitter Video

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