Claims that Tesla ran away to Thailand debunked now

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Tesla ran away to Thailand?
Did Tesla ran away to Thailand? That's the question... Photo: X Platform
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This story is about debunking fake news. Here it is about Tesla and the launch of its official headquarters in Malaysia. The story made the buzz in the business world yesterday and this one is about the comments that Tesla has abandoned Malaysia to establish its offices in Thailand. So which news is correct? The TikTok news that Tesla left Malaysia or the X platform news that Tesla opened its offices in Malaysia after seven months?

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Tesla ran away

As a matter of fact, this is the best way to fight fake news and since we know that TikTok is filled with fake news, we advise readers to stick to platforms like #LatestMalaysia to get the right news. 🙂

Tesla, Tesla ran away
Tesla teaser says its launch in Malaysia is on July 20
Tesla Model 3, Tesla ran away
A Tesla car cost more to save the world – Photo: Provided

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