Malaysians Now SURPRISED as Woman From Beijing Speaking FLUENT Malay

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Image screen shotted from a video done by Astro.

There are a number of people in Malaysia who are not that fluent in Malay, regardless of their race. However, netizens are surprised to see a woman from Beijing speaking fluent Malay. Many are proud to see a person from another country speaking our national language fluently. 

Malaysians surprised at woman from Beijing speaking Malay 

Netizens state that the woman speaks Malay correctly. They state that among Malaysian youths, they are mixing the language with English syllables like “I” and “you.” Furthermore, users state that our language is slowly being considered as an international language. 

Users are pushing for the Malay language to be commonly spoken among us Malaysians due to this. However, again, concerns of those mixing the language with English tonations are among those who are supportive of our national language. 

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Image screen shotted from a video done by Astro.

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