Netizens Now Poke Fun at RPK on Cheap Imported Rice in the UK

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PN Weakness Exposed, fun at rpk
PN Weakness Exposed by Infamous RPK Ahead of State Polls
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Raja Petra Kamarudin, a founder of the PKR and a soldier of the Reformasi in the 1990s, does not sit well with netizens. Once in a while, it is good to review his content and today it is about his posting regarding the availability of imported rice in the UK, which he claims are cheap. But netizens in Malaysia shows him the way to buffoonery telling him there are plenty of rice – imported – in Malaysia and that it is the local white rice that is scarce.

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Fun at RPK

If you read the comments, you see how hilarious Malaysians can be when it comes to the people for whom they have little respect. One user even asked RPK whether there was the bears ‘Cap Isteri Muda’ in the UK. Perhaps hinting at something else? Hilarious indeed the comments. Read on.

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