Netizens Now VEHEMENTLY Angry At PERODUA Driver For Modding Exhausts To Sound LOUD 

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Image screen shotted from X user @magmalaya

Recently, the topic of affordable cars like Perodua being modded into having larger exhausts and causing noise pollution in neighborhoods has arisen. Netizens feel that basic cars are meant for transportation, not for someone to cause annoyance and disruption towards an entire neighborhood. 

Perodua driver modding exhausts 

Following that, netizens state that if there is a driver similar to this Perodua driver, their small children and them would throw stones and rocks to the individual’s car. This is because in residential neighborhoods, people are either resting or working from home. Others question whether the JPJ will entertain such complaints. 

Others mock those who deliberately change their exhausts for a loud one. They state that just because a car sounds loud, does not mean it’s going any faster than these luxury sports cars. Users add that some would do this simply because they can’t afford an actual sports car. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @magmalaya

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