No More Hajj Subsidy for the Rich: Anwar

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hajj subsidy
Anwar on Hajj subsidy for the rich - Photo Wikipedia

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has affirmed the government’s commitment to providing Hajj subsidies to prevent cost increases for the majority of citizens. However, he stressed that these subsidies should prioritize those in genuine need. Anwar mentioned that some individuals who can afford it decline subsidies, and the recent increase in Hajj costs primarily affects those with high monthly incomes.

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Hajj Subsidy

He clarified that the government can no longer sustain such subsidies for affluent individuals. Anwar, also the Finance Minister, emphasized the importance of correcting the subsidy system to ensure it benefits the poor rather than extending assistance to wealthy individuals. This move aims to ensure fair distribution of resources. The cost of Hajj is expected to rise by an average of 11% next year due to factors beyond Tabung Haji’s control, such as accommodation etc.

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