Man Now UPSET After Car WRECKED When He Parked It Outside His House, Netizens No Sympathy 

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Image screen shotted from X user @nanmanjoi8715

Recently, a viral video shows a man upset that his car was wrecked after he parked it outside his house. However, netizens were less than sympathetic to him as his car was literally in the middle of the road. Users state that he should’ve known better and parked his cars properly.

Car wrecked, netizens state they weren’t parked properly 

Netizens were more than pissed that he blamed oncoming traffic for wrecking his car. A user states that he has a literal car porch. They asked why he was not even considering using his car porch to park his cars. However, some state that certain terrace house owners tend to place outdoor furniture on their porches. 

Others state that the front of a person’s house is not theirs, hence they should not park their cars there. Furthermore, users state that the house grants are only towards the gate of one’s house, the outside part does not count. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @nanmanjoi8715

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