Do NOT OVERTAX People with GST

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Not taking into consideration the losses incurred by the people during the long COVID-19 lockdowns, losses that no government can repay, a World Bank expert says Malaysia lost RM19 billion in GST money. That is because we do not use GST anymore. Apurva Sangh should relook into his economics and tell people how will any government repay them for the losses incurred during COVID-19 first!

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On top of that, this government is trying to plug the leakages and customise the subsidies to target the poor and needy while it faces backlash from the rich and big businesses for its pro-citizen policies. Economists should measure their words before they talk. Right?


Vote PN Or not. Anwar is Still PM, prn campaign, overtax
Anwar during a rally ahead of the PRN on Aug 12 – Photo Suara Keadilan

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