Netizens Now UNIMPRESSED With Group Of Men HARASSING Woman In PUBLIC 

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Image screen shotted from X user @alif_haidar.

A TikTok live show showed a woman getting harassed by a group of men regarding an unclear matter. It showed her arguing with a man, who was together with other men, presumably his friends. Users are unimpressed with the man bringing his pack of friends to either scare her or defend him. 

Netizens unimpressed with men harassing woman 

Netizens who are unimpressed state that those who have arguments with women, children or any elderly persons, should deal with it in a calm and peaceful manner. The way that these men are handling the situation is not recommended and is considered to be harsher than what most would find acceptable. 

Some state that this was started from a family drama, and some guys who were not related to the story decided to get themselves involved. However, users felt that this was a family problem, and those who are not family members should steer clear of the drama. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @alif_haidar.

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