TikTok Users Now SHOCKED At Multiculturalism In Bukit Bintang, Citing Less Locals Nowadays 

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Image screen shotted from TikTok user @rifdiamri_

The entire world is going through a multiculturalism phase. This is from the United Kingdom, America and now Malaysia. There are several users who are unfriendly towards other racial groups that are not looking forward to this. However, be that as it may, it is already here. 

Multiculturalism in Bukit Bintang 

A TikToker asked what happened to Bukit Bintang due to the sheer amount of foreigners walking around the district. Others state that this is due to multiculturalism, and that we need foreign workers to work.

Some were surprised to see shop apartments in the district. However, users state that these buildings have been around for decades. Others fear Kuala Lumpur being full of foreigners in the near future. Regardless, every cosmopolitan metropolis is filled with foreigners from all over the globe. 

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Image screen shotted from TikTok user @rifdiamri_

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