Influencers Promoting Restaurant with “Halal” Soju, Netizens Now OUTRAGED 

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Soju Halal
Image screen shotted from X user @Jomkitamy

There are specific and detailed words that may trigger some netizens. One of them is when an influencer openly states a non-alcoholic version of an alcoholic beverage as “halal.” Furthermore, X users are expressing their disappointment towards the entire situation. 

Halal soju? 

Users state that it would be better to refer to a non-alcoholic drink as soda. They feel that calling soju halal is very inappropriate. It has been the case for quite some time, especially when brands like Hineken and Sommersby have introduced 0% alcohol for their popular beverages. 

Others state that it is possible that the content creator did this for views. Regardless, there are other ways to approach promoting a restaurant. Most netizens will vehemently disagree calling something haram as halal, despite the technicalities behind it. 

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Soju Halal
Image screen shotted from X user @Jomkitamy

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