Netizens Now UPSET At Influencers Being Rude to Others 

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Netizens Now UPSET At Influencers Being Rude to Others 
Image screen shotted from X user @boymolish.

Influencers are typically seen as individuals that are supposed to always be nice and kind always. However, there are times where some are unaware or rude towards others. However, netizens tend to be more harsh towards these individuals. 

Netizens upset at influencers being rude 

Recently, some influencers are seen as rude when they are blocking the sidewalk. Another person bumped into them and they were quite upset about it. However, users turned around and stated that they were rude first as they blocked the sidewalk. 

In a big city, people are constantly moving and those who block sidewalks are seen as rude. Users state that these people should be careful as if they did the same thing to another person there could be worse implications happening to them. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @boymolish.

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