Nga Kor Ming Shows-off Brand New UK EV Charger

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UK ev charger
Nga Kor Ming showing the charger - Photo: X Platform
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Nga Kor Ming, Minister of Local Government Development in the Unity Government administration, is in the United Kingdom. He says in a post on the X platform that he is looking at new potential EV charging stations for Malaysia.

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UK EV Charger

“This morning before going to work, I got up at 6 am & ran 7.5km around the city of London. In line with the national mission to install 10,000 EV electric car charging stations by 2025, I found a good UK model to emulate. Will submit a proposal at @kpkt_gov later,” he writes. The question is, can’t Malaysia build its own? We are supposed to be tigers…Just asking!

UK Revolution, mercedes-benz, uk ev charger
Photo from Unsplash – Not the Minister’s car okay
Tesla Model 3, Tesla ran away, electric vehicle, UK ev charger
A Tesla car cost more to save the world – Photo: Provided

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