Cockroach Anyone? Nasi Kandar Restaurant Served Roach-filled Fried Chicken Now

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nasi kandar restaurant photo - Video screengrab

While recording his order, a customer unexpectedly discovered an extra item when the camera panned to a chicken dish offered by the restaurant. Netizens responding to the tweet expressed their disappointment upon learning the customer found cockroaches in the fried chicken. Watch the video here.

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Cockroach Anyone

One commenter stated, ‘I anticipate they will just remove the roach, and the chicken will be back on display.’ Another humorously remarked, ‘I think the roach is an optional extra. You might have to pay more for it.’ Despite this incident, customers continued to visit the Nasi Kandar restaurant. Hopefully, they will enhance their services soon.

white rice in bowl Kelantan, Akmal Saleh, imported rice, cockroach
Photo by Pille R. Priske on Unsplash

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