Netizens Now CRITICIZING Unnecessary Road Blocks as It Is DISRUPTING EVERYONE 

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Road Block
Image screen shotted from X user @HanafiRoz

Recently, there was a rise in road blocks in Malaysia, and many are not happy to see that around the country. For the most part, it was an effort made by the JPJ to see whether drivers have their driver’s license with them or not. However, many are angry at the decision made as it is causing unnecessary traffic jams. 

Unnecessary road block decisions 

Netizens state that the road block at Batu Caves are making the situation worse as they feel the jam is already bad without it. Furthermore, it is said that the traffic jams are stretched for more than 5 kilometers for these blocks. 

Other users state that this road is frequently jammed anyway, hence it’s not that bad. However, the original poster responded stating that the jams on that road are never bad on weekends. Regardless, there must be a way for these blocks to not cause massive jams on roads. 

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Road Block
Image screen shotted from X user @HanafiRoz

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