The Malaysian Bill Battle: How Men and Women Handle Group Dining Expenses

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Food Handlers Dining Bill
Photo by Luke Lung from Unsplash

The debate of how men and women pay their dining bills in a group outing is rather different. Furthermore, in Malaysia, users are accusing women of being extremely calculative when it comes to splitting bills with their friends. However, this is an overgeneralization of the situation. 

The Malaysian Bill Battle

There are some users that state there are differences in orders when it’s a group setting. Users agree that splitting the bills per head is not fair as some individuals will only order a drink, while others can order a full meal to their hearts desire. 

Some complained about having a male colleague not paying for his meal in full. He apparently ordered RM30 worth of food, to which he only left RM10 on the table. Netizens state that those who are able to eat, should be able to pay for their food. 

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Food Handlers Dining Bill
Photo by Luke Lung from Unsplash

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