X Users Now Alleging that Grocery Store Workers HIDING Subsidized Oil Stocks 

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Grocery Stores
Image screen shotted from X user @nanmanjoi8715

There have been viral discussions regarding grocery stores allegedly hiding subsidized oil stocks. Some state that these stores would very much prefer their customers buying the more expensive oil, which is unsubsidised of course. However, this is only an alleged story, it is unclear if this is true or not. 

Grocery stores hiding subsidized oil 

However, some netizens believe that these grocery stores are doing so, as they feel the enforcement from authorities are lacking. Furthermore, they state that in areas with stronger enforcement, these items are readily available for the masses. 

Others allege that foreign workers hired at these stores are the ones doing these dirty tricks in order to sell the cheaper items to their friends. Neitzens are calling for the policing and ID checking for consumers who are eligible and who are able to purchase these items. 

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Grocery Stores

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