New: Man Meets Anwar asks to Borrow Rm100 or Pinjam Seratus

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man meets anwar
pinjam seratus

There is a joke going around by some on social media and they call it ‘pinjam seratus’ as in the suggestion that they do not have cash because the economy is down. The joke is going around against the Madani government and they also call it Mahaldani. Life is hard they say. Hence the man named Azad met PM Anwar Ibrahim to say the now-trending words.

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Man meets Anwar

In the video, as soon as he says ‘Perdana Menteri nak pinjam seratus,’ Anwar is seen touching his pockets as if he wants to give the man the Rm100. However, the man said he actually wanted 100 words from the PM for his show, perhaps. Anwar gave him some kind words…watch the video though. But he did not get RM100.

Tanjung sepat, muhyiddin lost, pay rise, sultanah aminah hospital, pinjam seratus
Photo Anwar Ibrahim Twitter
Merdeka, divide, man meets anwar
Photo of Anwar and government front bench members celebrating the Malaysia flag and Merdeka

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