New: No Clear Rejection on Anwar’s Offer for PAS to Join Coalition

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To a tricky question by Time Magazine whether PM Anwar Ibrahim has ever considered asking PAS to come join his Unity Government, he says, “There has not been a clear rejection nor a positive response. The political climate is still a bit heated, so we’ll let it cool off for some time. On whether we are prepared to engage with them, of course we do. We must. And I’ve sent (an invitation) to them … Yes, I have been open to the idea from the beginning.”

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No Clear Rejection

“After all, this is a unity government and we do what is best for our country. But of course, we are going to draw a line. Islam is the religion of the Federation but this is a multi-religious country and I want every single citizen in this country – of all religious persuasions – to know that they have a place in this country.”

PAS Accused, Umno Steps, no clear rejection
A catwalk of PAS women?

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