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Hello, bird lovers! Ever wondered about the tiniest birds in the world? Let’s dive in! Starting with the bee hummingbird, barely larger than a bee, it thrives on nectar in Cuba’s forests. This mini marvel lives up to seven years. Next, the goldcrest, Europe’s smallest bird, feasts on insects and spiders. It lives around five to six years. Watch our video

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Then we have the weebill from Australia, dining on insects and living up to eight years. The fourth tiny wonder is the African penduline tit, feeding on seeds and insects and lives up to 12 years. Lastly, meet the short-tailed pygmy tyrant from South America. It’s an insectivore and lives up to six years. These pint-sized birds play a crucial role in nature, from pollination to pest control. So, let’s appreciate these small wonders and their big contributions. Visit LatestMalaysia.com for more videos.

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Photo of a bird in nature – its songs influence plant growth – Photo Pexels

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