New Controversy Arises As MyAirline Allegedly Ran ADVERTISEMENTS 24 HOURS Before They Closed 

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It seems that the decision to shut down MyAirline was rather rash and unplanned. Some users claim to have seen the airline’s advertisement all over social media 24 hours before it closed down. The impact of the airline closing down has affected travelers in Malaysia deeply. 

MyAirline running advertisements before closure 

An X user points out the fact. The M yAirline promotion states that the travel period should be between 9 October until 30 November. However this promotion could have been there before the airline shut down. Despite this, there are several airlines doing their promotions during the booking period. 

Several users are anticipating a high court class action suit against the airline. Furthermore, some state that even the staff knew of the airline’s closure. Regardless, this is mere speculation as to why a new promising airline shut down out of nowhere.

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