Users Now ANGRY At Batik Air’s “Covered” Uniform Exposing Legs 

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Batik Air
Image screen shotted from X user @_AmranFans

Batik Air has numerous services from Malaysia to Asian destinations. Several X users observed that their flight attendants are required to wear a covered version of their uniform with a tudung on. However, the slits in the skirts may make the flight attendant’s legs be exposed. 

Batik Air’s covered uniforms exposing legs 

A viral video shows a flight attendant working for Batik Air who was trying to open an aircraft door and had her leg exposed while also wearing the tudung. Users felt initially, it was a nice touch to have stewardesses opting to wear the headscarf. Unfortunately, the outfit does not fit that. 

Several users came to defend the uniform citing that it’s up to the woman wearing said outfit’s choice. However, X users state that they can wear whatever they like, as long as they’re not wearing a tudung. Furthermore, there are some suggestions that state the flight attendants who chose to wear the hijab should wear leggings as well. 

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Batik Air
Image screen shotted from X user @_AmranFans

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