Man Brought Out BUS Handles, Now Causing X Users to React with Laughter 

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Image screen shotted from X user @localrkyt

Recently, a viral video on X shows a man coming out of a bus with the handles in his hand. These handles are typically used for passengers to hold on to while the vehicle is moving. The same handles can also be found in MRTs and LRTs all over the world. 

Man brought out bus handles 

Netizens are joking about the bus handles citing that the man can now use it to hang his clothes dry. Others state that he can now bring it back to his dorm as a souvenir. It is unclear how the handles were able to come off as they are typically soldered firmly. 

However, there are some suggestions as to why these handles came off. Users claim that the driver was driving too fast, and the man held on to the handle until it broke off. He could probably be one of the strongest men in Malaysia if that were true. 

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