Sambal Sotong without Salt gets Newlywed Man Into a Rage

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sambal sotong
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In a recent social media post, a newlywed shared a distressing experience about her husband’s reaction to her cooking. Just a week into their marriage, she attempted to make sambal sotong, a traditional dish. However, she prepared it without salt, as she was accustomed to a low-sodium diet. When her husband tasted it and found it unsatisfactory, he erupted in anger and flung the plate of food on the floor. He not only criticized her cooking but also called her useless.

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Sambal Sotong

The newlywed was upset by his extreme reaction and worried about her future with a partner who could react so violently over a meal. Many netizens expressed their disapproval of the husband’s behavior, believing it to be excessively harsh.

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