Egg-flavoured sim card – The Amusing NEW Thinnest Egg in Nasi Lemak

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A netizen recently shared a humorous post on X, displaying what’s been dubbed the world’s thinnest piece of egg in a nasi lemak. The transparent and extremely thin egg slice prompted playful comments from others, likening it to a “blanket” for the anchovies or even Spongebob’s skin.

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Egg-flavoured sim card?

X users are really amused by the extent the food vendor went to cut costs on eggs in their nasi lemak. Egg 4Source: “Egg-flavoured sim card.” “That’s a blanket lah, for the anchovies inside.” “Brother, maybe you have to put some water for it to expand.” “This is Spongebob’s skin.”

Azmin on eggs, Egg-flavoured sim card
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

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