MyCERT Warning of Scam Look-alike PDRM Website Now

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MyCERT warning
MyCERT warning

The Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team has issued a warning about a phishing (scam) website that resembles PDRM’s MyBayar website. Scammers are impersonating PDRM by sending emails to victims and instructing them to pay fines on a fake website. Read the warning here: https://www.mycert.org.my/portal/advisory?id=MA-975.102023

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MyCert Warning

“After clicking the link, users will be redirected to a fraudulent website that mimics the legitimate MyBayar login page, intending to steal money from users’ accounts,” MyCERT said. The fake website looks identical to the actual MyBayar website but has a different URL. The correct PDRM MyBayar site is: https://mybayar.rmp.gov.my/en. Be careful when you click on links from emails. Check the website address properly!

MyCERT Warning

Photo of MyBayar logo

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