Netizens Claiming Stall Owner Now Allegedly Making Customers Uncomfortable

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Stall Owner
Image screen shotted from X user @TohPuanNetwork

Recently, a stall owner selling local food was scrutinized by netizens for filming his customers and asking them to talk to the camera. Netizens find this unsettling as they feel that customers should not go through this. However, the owner did make a statement stating that he isn’t making anyone feel uncomfortable 

Stall owner allegedly harassing customers 

Netizens feel weirded out that the stall owner has been making TikTok videos with his good looking customers. Unfortunately there are several heavy accusations towards him, and there is no actual evidence that he is what netizens claim to be. However, at times content like this could be a shtick done by those who want to define themselves as different on TikTok.

Following that, users did state that they’d prefer the stalls they buy from to not have the owners touching them or making videos about them. Some claim that if this happens to them, they’d report it to the local authorities. 

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Stall Owner
Image screen shotted from X user @TohPuanNetwork

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