MyAirline Customers Will Receive REFUNDS AFTER New Investors Come In, Netizens Now Saying Its UNFAIR 

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It appears that MyAirline customers are still waiting for their refunds. However, the sad news is that those who are interested in one will have to wait until the airline receives new investors. This is still not a solid confirmation as there is a chance that investors are not going to put their money in the company. 

MyAirline customers still waiting for refunds 

Netizens are accusing the situation of being unfair as MyAirline is bigger than a lot of companies in Malaysia. Users state that if it were to be a small business owner, they would be blacklisted and would have to declare bankruptcy. However, those involved with the airline seem to be fine. 

Others state that while running their small business, with little to no income tax needed to be paid, they received a strong warning letter. Unfortunately, for bigger corporations, it seems that they have more leeway when it comes to situations like these. 

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