Woman Who Bought New RM44,500 Louis Vuitton Bag Now SCRUTINIZED By Netizens 

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Louis Vuitton
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Malaysians are not that keen when people are showboating to others. Recently, a woman showed off that she purchased an RM44,500 Louis Vuitton bag and paid in cash. However, most are unsupportive and are sending hateful messages to her. 

Woman bought RM44,500 Louis Vuitton bag

The client advisor had to use a cash counting machine in order to know the accurate amount of money needed for the bag. Furthermore, users state that actual rich people would purchase a Louis Vuitton bag with a gold card rather than pay it in cash. However, if someone is able to buy a RM44K bag, they are rich regardless of the payment method used. 

Some are suspicious of those who pay in cash as there is no paper trail for the money. Regardless, kudos to the woman and her new expensive handbag, may she get to enjoy her handbag despite the negative comments surrounding her new purchase. 

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